Char-grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

1 Portion
4 oz
3 fl oz
3 oz w
1/4 C
2 ea
2 ea
1 ea
Chicken Breast. Boneless-skinless strips.
Dressing, Creamy Caesar
Lettuce, Romaine, Chopped
Cheese, Parmesan, Grated
Tomatoes, Grape
Olive, Black
Whole Wheat wrap
  1. In a mixing bowl place romaine, cheese, and dressing.
    • Be sure to dress the bowl not the greens
    • Season to taste with Salt and Pepper and mix
  2. Season chicken and place sizzle tray, put in broiler until cooked through
  3. Slice chicken julienne
  4. Place chicken in mixing bowl with salad and combine
  5. Heat wrap to take chill off
  6. Place salad mixture on wrap and roll
  7. Hold wrap shape with toothpicks garnished with olives and grape tomatoes
  1. Cut wrap on a bias
  2. Place on a cold plate with choice of pickled vegetables or fruit salad
    • If fruit salad then place 2oz Martha Washington dressing in a timbale
Char-grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap