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Welcome to the Fifty-One O One Restaurant

Welcome to Henry Ford Community College’s restaurant, Fifty-One O One, located in the Student and Culinary Arts Center. We hope you will enjoy the innovative approach to your dining experience today. The restaurant is operated by the students and staff of HFCC’s Hospitality Studies Program.

The individuals you see working here are students learning to be future hotel and restaurant managers, chefs, dining room personnel, and other food service industry employees. The students are assigned and rotated through the various stations in the kitchen and dining room. All the menu items, from specialty salads and sandwiches, to entrees, daily specials, and desserts, are prepared in various Culinary Arts classes.

The Fifty-One O One Restaurant operation is an integral part of our Hospitality Studies Program. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your visit as a training exercise for the improvement of instruction in our program. Since the dining room operation is a scheduled course, please adhere to the dining room hours.

If you have any questions or problems concerning our training program, please feel free to communicate your concerns to our dining room staff or instructors. When visiting the Fifty One O One restaurant, you may park in the visitors’ lot next to the Student and Culinary Arts Center.

Please contact one of our instructors for information about the Culinary Arts and Hotel & Restaurant programs and also the five certificate programs that we offer in Hospitality Studies.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
11:30 am until 1 pm

Wednesday & Thursday Evening
6 pm until 7:45 pm

Please notify the service staff if your time is limited so they may make menu recommendations.

For an ultimate dining experience call (313) 206-5101