Fifty-One O One

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Welcome to Fifty-One O One, Henry Ford College’s student run restaurant! We invite students, faculty, staff, and the public alike to join us for a gourmet dining experience at surprisingly affordable prices. The restaurant is operated by the students and staff of HFC’s Hospitality Studies Program, and our premises are located in the Student and Culinary Arts Center.

The Fifty-One O One is open for lunch and dinner for eleven weeks from September to December and from January to April. We also offer Thursday buffet lunches for five weeks in May and June.

Students filling plates at assembly tables inside the HFC 5101 kitchen. The individuals you see working are students learning to be future hotel and restaurant managers, chefs, dining room personnel, and other hospitality industry professionals. Students are assigned and rotated through the various stations in the kitchen and dining area. All the menu items - from soups and sandwiches, entrees, and daily specials to desserts and baked goods - are prepared in our Culinary Arts classes.

The Fifty-One O One Restaurant operation is an integral part of the Hospitality Studies Program. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your visit as a training exercise to improve instruction in our program.

Please contact one of our instructors for information about the Hospitality Studies Program we offer here at Henry Ford College.